Our Mission Statement

We will do our part to regain control of the visual and audible representation of the Black American. Will will attract, develop, and promote all forms of creative expression through exceptional offerings of BLACK EXCELLENCE

Delwin Brookins

Our Core Values






Tertian Media Group LLC

In the ever changing face of media today, it is increasingly important that the portrayal and depiction of the Black American be controlled by a Black American company. Far too long has our image and likenesses been utilized and controlled by parties that don’t have the interests of Black America at heart and Tertian Media Group is here to take it’s position and help to change that narrative.

With divisions in music, news media, TV, Film, and print media, Tertian Media Group is poised to make tremendous stride in bringing the REAL Black American image to the forefront and serve as a beacon for all other Black owned companies to shine!

It’s about nation building, and that means building with ALL materials available. It will be stronger and more durable if we do it together!