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Man, have you ever watched the news and thought, “what the fuck are these fools talking about?” Yeah, us too. I would watch the cable news channels, and get tired to the same shit being talked about by the same talking heads. I was able to find some respite from the drumming, but even it has fallen short of being able to speak for and to me and people like me, people like you! 

#SayWhatJoe?! will bridge the information gap that affects the everyday Black citizen living in those smaller cities- where real life happens. You know those places like Gary, IN; Flint, MI; Camden, NJ, etc. This is where the policy decisions made in Washington, D.C.,  hit first and hardest. The places that are always first to be taken from and last to receive. We are the NEW working poor, the REAL backbone of America.

Hosted by King Delwin the GREAT and The Priestess, #SayWhatJoe?! will feature thought provoking commentary, insightful interviews, and inspiring stories that you won’t hear on the mainstream news. We will also take a deeper look into the stories that are making news across the globe. Fair, objective coverage in a language that is readily and easily understood without a dictionary.

The Hosts

King Delwin the GREAT is new to the journalism scene. Born to make others laugh, this will be his introduction in to the comedic commentary field. Pulling inspiration from the likes of Arsenio Hall, Martin Lawerence, Trevor Noah, and Bill Maher, King Delwin is committed to ensuring that #SayWhatJoe?! delivers the news stories that have the biggest impact on the Black American communities and the diaspora at large.

A life long musician and accomplished chef, King Delwin is sure to make you think and give you hope. Born in Indianapolis, IN and raised in Gary, IN King Delwin currently resides in the Atlanta area, and continues to endeavor to spread truth knowledge and positivity to everyone he encounters.

Experienced in many fields, King Delwin believes this diverse and vast well of knowledge gives him a unique and introspective perception of the way this world moves and turns.

His philosophy for life is, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Think while you move so when it’s time to act, you can do just that-ACT. Don’t be a victim because in 85% of the situations you find yourself in, you can control the outcome.”

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The Priestess brings a more grounded side to the table. her extraordinary goddess energy brings light and beauty to #SayWhatJoe?! As an educator, she possesses a unique skillset and perspective that will flow harmoniously with her co-host King Delwin.

Hailing from Gary, IN, this wife and mother of three has worn many hats during her life. She’s been a housewife/stay-at-home mom, choir soloist and director, store manager, teacher, real estate agent, and small business owner. Graduating with High Distinction, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Indiana University. Having such a diverse background, The Priestess embodies the total essence of the title, which is, a woman who is regarded as a leader.  Not only is she a leader, but she’s birthing an entire movement. Just watch!

Now, as nurturing and feminine as The Priestess is, she’s equally as fiery and savage as they come. A “pull no punches take no prisoners” type of woman, The Priestess is sure to give the ladies plenty of insight into the things today’s modern women experience day in and day out; but be warned now- NOTHING’S OFF LIMITS!